24 pianists

24 pianists

Beethoven Moonlight Sonata 3rd Movement played by 24 pianists!
It’s interesting to hear how everyone has their own slight variation in dynamics and tempo. Many of them (to me at least) sound very similar but I can pick out parts here or there where there are differences.

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  1. Astrobrant2:

    Wonderful compilation! Beautifully edited!
    You were terrific! But maybe a cut back to someone else before that annoying background noise came up. Too bad the movie clip was a bit flat, but hey, that’s no biggie. I know you wanted to end it with the cheeky, «Well,… bravo,» line. You probably spent a long time trying to find a lead-in for it which would have an extremely slow last couple of notes in transition, so as to disguise the off-pitch conclusion. If you ever re-make this video, I suggest a digital speed

  2. Paul Langton-Rogers:

    Incredible how you lined all these up so perfect and to see so many great pianists play that movement, so complex and so fast, astonishing! I’m trying to learn this sonato as it’s my favourite..I can’t play piano at all so probably not a good one to start with, but at least the 1st movement is do-able, I think I’ll pass on the 3rd after seeing this ;-)

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