AbsOrb HD is a visually stunning and fun HTML5 game. Your goal is to collect orbs that are the same color as your ring. The orbs come in four different colors- blue, yellow, green, and red, and you can change the color of your ring by pressing 1 (blue), 2 (red), 3 (green), or 4 (yellow). Act quickly and collect as many orbs as possible! Absorb HD hands over a blue circle to you and you have your mouse to control the movements of this circle. And then you collect a whole bunch of falling items. These include red and blue orbs, the lovely Google Chrome icons and some clocks. By hitting the left and right arrow keys you can change the circle’s colour, and with that the colour of the orbs that you are entitled to collect. Overall, the visually pleasing aspect of the game keeps the players hooked and makes Absorb HD worth the time.

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