Michael Flatley’s Feet of Flames

Michael Flatley's Feet of Flames

Feet of Flames was created in 1998 by dancer Michael Flatley, made famous by Riverdance.
Riverdance is a theatrical show consisting of traditional Irish stepdancing, known for its rapid leg movements while body and arms are kept largely stationary. It originated as an interval performance during the 1994 Eurovision Song Contest, a moment that is considered a significant watershed in Irish culture.

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Feet of Flames — Breakout

He received the National Endowment for the Arts’ National Heritage Fellowship in 1988. In May 1989, Flatley set a Guinness Book world record for tapping speed at 28 taps per second. Flatley was named one of National Geographic Society’s Living Treasures in 1991 for mastery of a traditional art form by a living person – the youngest person at that time ever to receive this accolade.

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He broke his own record for tapping speed in February 1998, by achieving 35 taps per second.
Flatley also received Guinness Book recognition in both 1999 and 2000 for being the highest paid dancer, earning $1,600,000 per week and for having the highest insurance policy placed on a dancer’s legs at $40,000,000.

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