The future is here … almost!

The future is here ... almost!

In the same spirit as the creation of Mac Funamizu , this portfolio is a kind of overview of what we can expect in the near future. Blutsbrüder Design includes in its «Advertising» some interesting work on gadgets could soon be fully integrated into our daily lives: from glasses displaying a wealth of information to the interactive world map, everything is possible! Note that the category «Making of» will reveal some secrets of these beautiful works. A glimpse into the rest of the article …

Morph my phone Mr Nokia
Nokia still wants to be ahead of its time, and they prove it again with his presentation of Morph . Imagine a phone that could twist and turn in all directions in order to use its various features watch, bluetooth headset, instant messenging software, mobile phones or just … Nanotechnology would make fully portable, flexible transparent and even self-cleaning! A dream that still has class.

Zima: the watch crystal (not) liquid
When one imagines a watch designer Swarovski Signity, it is not simply taking a common and the embedding of hundreds of crystals, but by diverting them into a more useful purpose: to tell the time . In the manner of the digital display clocks, each crystal is illuminated the Zima or not an LED (the color may vary) to show a number. One thing is sure, it’s great class but for now a luxurious dream …

1400 balls to display the time
And … all in a ring! Windlin Charles imagined this concept very interesting to not use LCD screens that consume too much power. In fact, this is only magnetic beads which are electrically activated to turn on themselves and display their colorful side. In this case, it is a show more or less integrated digital to a ring.

The iPhone 3G will be transparent and will not
When allowed to express the designers and other snags Adobe software, it gives some real works of art! The Heir Apparent is still a small overview of fantasies Apple lovers: fully transparent with its structure, its 3G compatibility, its true Mac OS X Leopard and 64 GB hard drive, we can not approve this concept to say the least interesting. But do we take away point, the real iPad 2 will be revealed tonight!

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