Women’s Stories

Women's Stories

Maria Svarbova. She has dedicated to photography since 2010.
Earlier works of young and talented author, publishing under name Maria Svarbova are resembling a dream like reality with elements of surrealism and Art Nouveau. Her latest photographs focus on delivering a message and triggering feelings with focus on minimalism and purity.
She is a very distinctive photographer, who can present a vast porfolio of high quality. Maria has also won various prestigious awards and participated in valuable collaborations such as signing off contract with american Vogue. Her photos were also used as covers for multiple bestselling books of world-class authors. One of her works was selected to be a cover photo of prestigious photography magazine DODHO.
One of here latest successes is that one of her works was used as cover photo for Czech photography magazine FotoVideo. She also won gold medal of excellence in the biggest photography saloon (TRIERENBERG SUPER CIRCUIT) that tooks place in Austria. Maria will be having an exhibition in Paris in the Sakura gallery, which will be representing her in the entire France and she will be in others 80 galleries around the world.

Photography: Maria Svarbova

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комментария 4

  1. richard millard:

    Very fabulous compised creative And wonderful aesthetic taste And artistic vision very Well shown.

  2. Glen McKerrihan:

    Stunning images and wonderful story telling. This project makes me want to see more of your work!

  3. Stavroula Stavropoulou:

    really interesting work!!!!!!
    most of these photos have something »different»

  4. Bob MacCowan:

    Especially liked the Vogue branded portrait and the birdhouse. Great styling & composition. Luv it!!

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